Wednesday, December 12, 2012

what aspects of the stories on hms do you identify with?

The stories that identify me are the Vargas kids and my papa who wakes up. The Vargas go with me because me and my brothers and sister would always be home by our self's because our parents would work and we would have to stay there so we would always be jumping around everywhere and once my parents came home and saw us they were like didn't we show you to respect peoples property's look all of the mess that we have so we ignored them because they told us to clean up and we didn't want to so then we all went outside and just let them clean up and we were laughing but we got in trouble for what happened. The other story that relates with me is my papa who wakes up because when my grandpa passed away i didn't want to believe it because like two or one day before they told me i was shocked because i had talked to him and he told me he was going to come and visit us so i spent like a whole month crying and thinking why he left so early and then i told my self god brought us for a reason and that reason is because he brought us to see the world and then take us away when he wanted to. So then when i found the answer to my questions i believed and said this is true but i know that soon i will be with him again. The first time they told me my grandpa died i was like shocked i couldn't move and then i took a long time to go back to normal cause i was shacking and it affected me a lot cause i was so close to my grandpa i would tell him everything that happened and when i felt sad he was the only person i would talk to cause i trusted him a lot.  Even though he's away he's my angel from above and i still talk to him and tell him that i miss him and cry when i talk to him but he's the best person in the world and he will always have a special place in my heat.